Matías Brandt

Matias Brandt


At JCC – The Wallpaper Guys, we have mastered the fine art of surface finishing. Since 1996, we have been delivering high-quality finishing services to commercial and residential clients in South Florida, Los Angeles, New York, and beyond.


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Don’t hesitate to ask for advice, our skilled team is more than happy to answer any questions.


Here are some pictures of our work and process.

› Amazing team ceiling wallpaper installation at the Lobby of a commercial building.

› Digitally printed wallpaper mural installation.

›  The Wallpaper Guy’s team, performing a wallcovering installation.

› A stunning wallpaper installed at a beautiful living room.

› Team installation of a patterned wallcovering.

› Height it’s not a problem, we are fully equiped to perform the best wallpaper installation.

› Some wallpapers require precise matchings when installed, we are experts at it.

› Precise cuts and well defined corners are essentials in a wallpaper installation.

› The team working on the process of a perfect wallpaper installation.

›  High end wallpaper installations is one of our specialties, We have been doing them for over 25 years.

› Headboard walls are some of the favorite places where clients request a wallpaper isntallation, they look amazing.

›  Digitally printed murals require an extreme precise matching so that the mural looks perfect.

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