Why Don’t Experts Prefer Peel And Stick Wallpaper 

Still, it’s not our top recommendation. What’s your take? Have you had any experience with peel and stick wallpaper?

Professional installers typically steer clear of peel and stick because it tends to have less durable adhesion, leading to potential peeling or premature wear.

Moreover, peel and stick wallpaper can pose challenges during installation as achieving a precise fit can be tricky. If the wall isn’t in perfect condition, the wallpaper may highlight it.

Another crucial aspect is its limited versatility compared to other options in terms of reuse. Its ability to be repositioned is restricted, which can be problematic when adjustments or changes to the original design are desired.

In summary, professional installers prefer higher-quality options to ensure a successful and long-lasting application, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

Our workaround has always been to add a bit of extra glue for better handling and secure adhesion. However, until it dries and the wall absorbs the glue, you might notice some bubbles. Waiting for 24 hours or more with good ventilation will result in a more satisfactory outcome.