How much wallpaper I will need for my project?

A: Most wallpaper rolls are about half a metre wide and 10 metres long – about 5 square metres per roll. That is about 3 drops of wallpaper on a standard sized wall. As a guide, a standard living room would require approximately 7 rolls of wallpaper. However, there are a few things like matching and pattern repeats to be considered. We recommend that you purchase an additional roll of wallpaper. This will allow for any mistakes, and also give you some left over in case you need it in the future.

How long does it take to install wallpaper in an accent wall?
Depending on the walls and wallpaper we can 1-2 Days to install. Usually we can complete a one wall project in less than a day.
What will last longer in a wall? wallpaper or paint?
That depends on where the wall is located. Is it a high traffic area? Is it an area where there is a lot of moister? This will change how the installer will decide to apply your wallpaper and what brand of paint to use. Both will last you years.
How can I measure a wall correctly to know how much wallpaper do I need?

To measure a wall correctly you will first need a measuring tape. Measure the width of the wall. You may need a second person to help you hold the measuring tape. Then measure the height of the wall from floor to ceiling. Then you can go to our website, TheWallpaperGuys.com and click the estimate button on the right. Fill out our brief google form with the measurements and we will be happy to send over your estimate.

How can you guys help me to find the wallpaper?

We can set up a meeting with us so we can show you some samples at our showroom, at your place or on a web meeting.

Can you hang new wallpaper over the top of existing wallpaper?
Yes, this can be done and we highly recommend experienced wall paper hangers. We do not recommend adding new wallpaper on top of textured wallpaper as this will show through the new wallpaper and won’t look very neat. If you do decide to put wallpaper over a smooth wallpaper, we recommend doing it only if the shade of wallpaper previously on the wall is lighter than the new wallpaper. If you are applying a lighter colored wallpaper over a very dark wallpaper, this will show through the new wallpaper and cause it to look off colored. Either way, the wallpaper estimator will give you a consultation based on the walls you already have and give industry proven suggestions to applying new wallpaper on top of your old wallpaper.
Can I obtain an estimate over the phone?
We can take you information over the phone (954) 791-1138 or we can send you a form that you can fill out to your email. There you can upload pictures and floor plans if you have them. As well as give us detailed information that will help us send the best most accurate estimate.
How can I follow you on social media?
You can currently follow us through our Instagram where we have the most up to date portfolio of our projects. Just search through the app and type in @thewallpaperguys and our profile should appear.
We also have:
Facebook account: 
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How do I know if I need primer?
To know if you need primer you first have to look at the wall or surface you wish to install paper. If it has exposed drywall, has been recently patched, is a different material like wood or metal, or if it is extremely smooth the we would recommend a coat of primer.
What is the process of a wallpaper installation?
Our process for installing wallpaper is very important to us. We begin with prepping our work area. Moving and covering furniture. Covering all floors where we will be working. We then apply wallpaper clear primer for the best results. Depending on the wallpaper being installed will decide how it will be installed. Some paper require to be pasted before hanging, some need to rest, some we can paste the wall etc.. With our years of experience we will use the best technique for your unique wallcovering.
Can you install wallpaper directly over paint?
Yes, we can install wallcovering over paint. Depending on the wallpaper you need installed we might recommend a liner and/or wallpaper primer.
How do I know if walls need to be repaired before wallpaper is installed?
You can find out if you need repairs to your wall by looking for the following: thick texture, has been patched, or has visible holes. We will need to repair the walls before installing or painting. Otherwise the texture will be visible through the wallpaper.
Do you guys do residential projects?

Yes, we do residential, commercial, marine, industrial and custom projects. With our years of experience we can provide a professional installation for all types of projects.

Do you guys do commercial projects?
Yes, we do commercial, residential, and marine, industrial and custom projects. With our years of experience we can provide a professional installation for all types of projects.
How much does it cost to install wallpaper?
It really all depends on a couple factors: are you walls smooth or textured? Do you need more than 1 wall to be wallpapered? how many rolls of wallpaper do you need? All of these as well as others are factors we use to determine to give you the best estimate possible. Contact us today so we can give you a free quote!
How many rolls of wallpaper will I need?
The quantity of rolls will depend on the total width and height of the area where it will be installed. As well as the width of the paper. and the repeat of the pattern if any. With this information will be glad to calculate how many rolls you will need to complete your project.
Where are you located?

We are located in Davie, FL near by The Hard Rock Cafe. Here is our address:
5000 SW 52nd Street, Suite 501, Davie, Fl 33314
Here is our Google Maps link: https://g.page/TheWallpaperGuys?share

On what cities do you do wallpaper installation?

We will travel to where ever you need us. We have projects all over the United States, the Caribbean, Africa, and anywhere you need a professional wallpaper installation. We’re here for you! We are mainly based in South Florida.

Do I need lining wallpaper?
In most cases liner is not needed. However we do recommend liner for murals, thin wallpapers and if the wall or ceiling is slightly textures. It helps for better adhesion and to isolate the wall surface from the paper.
What is a pattern repeat and matches?

The repeat in a pattern is how many inches the design with repeat itself. A repeat can be as little a 1 inch to a couple of feet. Depending of the size of the repeat will effect the amount of wallpaper you will need.

What is specialty wallpaper primer?
It is a clear primer helps seal and protect your walls. It also helps the wallpaper paste to adhere better. It’s not required but we fully recommend it.
What is a random match?
A random match means your wallpaper has no pattern and can be installed without worry of any matches. This kind of wallpaper is the most economical.


Wallpaper Installation

For years, JCC Interiors has provided wallcovering installation services to many companies in South Florida. Owing our heritage to wallpaper installation, we can humbly and confidently say we are perhaps the best wallpaper installers in Florida State. Through out the years, we have mastered the art of installing hundreds of different types of wallcoverings from papers, vinyls, and silks to suede, cork, and fabrics. Not to mention Grasscloth, Raffia, Metallics, Leathers, Glass beads, Mother of pearl, Walltalkers and many other new age wallcoverings. When it comes to wallcovering, we keep our promise to be the best installation company you will ever encounter. Work with the best, work with the No 1 in South Florida.


Staining at an exquisite level requires skill and precision. Over the years, we have curated precise staining “recipes” to ensure a flawless look on metal and wood doors, trims, built-ins, and furniture pieces. We are also experienced and skilled in restorations and refinishings. Staining services include: Application & Removal of stains and/or polyurethane Custom color & Computermatched staining Varnishes Refinishings Restorations We strive to deliver a high degree of care for all of your commercial and residential staining needs. Contact us today to consult on your next staining or restoration project.


Our master painters bring skill and care to every project. Using high-quality, premium paints (including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore), we ensure the perfect finish every time. We maintain pristine spaces by using plastic overlays and commercialgrade construction paper to protect your floors and furniture. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about how we will plan and execute your next painting project. Before starting to paint, our crew of professional painters will do a walkthrough to assess the project and get your home ready for painting:

Cover your floors
Move and cover your furniture
Fill holes or cracks in the walls
Repair drywall and finish
Remove wallpaper
Window caulking

Faux Finish
Translate your unique vision into the perfect faux finish. Our experienced decorative painters take great pride in their work, and will consult with you on every detail before getting started. Get the custom results you are looking for with specialized finishes including: Raging· Sponging Crackling Glazing Wood Graining Marbleizing Metallics Stria Texturizing Feathering Stippling And more!
Italian Plaster
CC – The Wallpaper Guys is an experienced Italian plaster application company. We offer complimentary custom samples so that you can see and touch the results before we begin your project. Our certifications include several by some of the most prestigious Italian plaster firms in the world. Italian plasters include: Venetian Marmorino Regular Skims Raffaello – Mother of Pearl Aureum Marmorino Naturale Ottocento Travertino Romano.
Other Services

Looking for something else? JCC – The Wallpaper Guys can help you with a variety of other services, including: Sanding / Regular Patching / Spackle / Touch-ups / Drywall repairs / Popcorn Ceiling Removal / Knockdown Textures / Epoxy Floor Appli- cations / Elastomeric Concrete Painting / Door Frame Spraying / And much more!


Wallpaper installation in Key West?
Wallpaper installation in Key Biscayne?

Staining at an exquisite level requires skill and precision. Over the years, we have curated precise staining “recipes” to ensure a flawless look on metal and wood doors, trims, built-ins, and furniture pieces. We are also experienced and skilled in restorations and refinishings. Staining services include: Application & Removal of stains and/or polyurethane Custom color & Computermatched staining Varnishes Refinishings Restorations We strive to deliver a high degree of care for all of your commercial and residential staining needs. Contact us today to consult on your next staining or restoration project.

Wallpaper installation in Brickell?

Yes, have installed wallpaper in Brickell many times, actually not long ago we installed a beatiful wallpapers and paint in several of the top buildings in Brickell, such as: Hotel Four Seasons Miami, Echo Brickell Residences, Brickell House, SLS Brickell Hotel & Residence, Jade at Brickell, SLS Lux Brickell, Panorama Tower, Infinity at Brickell, just to name a few of them.

Wallpaper installation in Miami?
Wallpaper installation in Miami Beach?
Wallpaper installation in Pinecrest?
Wallpaper installation in El Doral?
Wallpaper installation in Aventura?
Wallpaper installation in Sunny Isles Beach?
Wallpaper installation in Naples?
Wallpaper installation in Fort Lauderdale?
Wallpaper installation in Davie?
Wallpaper installation in Weston?
Wallpaper installation in Boca Raton?
Wallpaper installation in West Palm Beach?
Wallpaper Installation in Parkland?
Wallpaper installation in Jupiter?
Wallpaper installation in Orlando?
Wallpaper installation in Tampa?

What is the best type of wallpaper for South Florida's climate?

* The best type of wallpaper for South Florida’s climate is a vinyl wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper is moisture-resistant, so it can withstand the high humidity levels in South Florida. It is also easy to clean, which is important in a humid climate.
* But what if you’re looking for something a little more unique? There are also some great options for fabric wallpapers that are perfect for South Florida. Just make sure to choose a fabric that is treated to be moisture-resistant.
* Although there are some wallpapers that work best in humid conditions, continuous A/C ventilation can provide exceptional care of your walls and wallpapers. It is crucial, during installation and afterwards, that temperature remain in between 70 and 74 Fahrenheit

Where can I buy wallpaper in South Florida?

where can i find wallpaper near me?

* There are many places where you can buy wallpaper in South Florida. You can find wallpaper at home improvement stores, wallpaper stores, and online retailers.

* But where’s the fun in that? Why not check out our extensive catalogs from renowned manufacturers. We can also work with designers to find the perfect match for your walls.

For your convenience, we have compiled a document with direct links to the best wallpaper manufacturers in the US.


What are some tips for caring for wallpaper in South Florida?

* Dust your wallpaper regularly with a soft brush.
* Wipe down your wallpaper with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.
* Avoid using harsh chemicals on your wallpaper.
* If your wallpaper gets wet, dry it as soon as possible.
* But don’t worry too much about it. Wallpaper is pretty resilient, and it can usually take a little bit of abuse.

What are some things to consider when choosing a wallpaper installer in South Florida?

What are the key factors to consider when selecting the wallpaper company South Miami?

* Experience: Make sure the installer has experience installing wallpaper in South Florida’s climate.
* Reputation: Ask for references from previous customers.
* Guarantee: Make sure the installer offers a guarantee on their work.
* And don’t forget to have fun with it! Wallpaper can be a great way to add some personality to your home. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and find something that you love.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when installing wallpaper in South Florida?

* Not preparing the walls properly: The walls must be clean, smooth, and free of defects before you start installing wallpaper.
* Not using the right adhesive: The adhesive you use must be compatible with the type of wallpaper you are installing.
* Not matching the pattern: If you are installing wallpaper with a pattern, make sure you match the pattern up correctly.
* Not cleaning up properly: After you install the wallpaper, make sure you clean up any excess adhesive.
* And finally, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the process! Wallpaper installation can be a lot of fun, so don’t let it stress you out.

Do you do installation outside of South Florida?

Yes, we do. Although we are based in Davie, Miami, we have done projects in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, The Caribbean, and even in Laos, Nigeria. We can work with you wherever you would like. We bring the team and our expertise to your projects and we guarantee an exceptional job. If you are hesitant we encourage you to check our Google Reviews so you can see with your own eyes what our clients have to say about us.

Go the safe way and contact The Wallpaper Guys By JCC Interiors. With over 25 years of experience we have worked with countless General Contractors, Designers and homeowners who have proved our excellent work.
If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach our estimators who can answer all of your questions and can provide a Free Estimate whether you want it online or on-site.

What is paneling effect in wallpaper?
The paneling effect in wallpaper is a visual technique used in the wallpaper industry to create the appearance of distinct panels or sections on a wall. This effect is achieved through the use of wallpaper patterns or designs that simulate the look of separate panels or sections, such as faux wood paneling, wainscoting, or other decorative designs. By employing this technique, wallpaper can add depth, dimension, and texture to a wall, resulting in a more structured and visually engaging backdrop for a room’s decor.
Here is a document for you to check and decide whether this kind of wallpaper technique is right for your style